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About Me ♥

♥ Hi, I’m Wendy. ^_^
♥ I'm an accountant in NYC. I went to school in NYC, too.
♥ I love purple and yellow. (?) o.O
♥ I love to read and taking pictures.
♥ I love to travel, but I haven’t been to that many places yet. One of my dreams is to travel all over Asia for as long as possible. :D
♥ I’m a super Cpop, Mandopop, and Kpop fan (Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean music :P). Here’s a list of my favorite artists:
~ Chinese: Kary Ng, G.E.M. Tang, Joey Yung, Ella Koon, Justin Lo, Kay Tse, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Pong Nan, Eunix Lee, Eason Chan, FAMA, Janice Vidal, Twins, Terence SiuFay, S.H.E, JJ Lin, Leehom Wang, TANK
~ Korean: 2NE1, Younha, Lee Hyori, Seo In Young, G.NA, Big Bang, TaeYang, C.N. Blue, FT Island, Girls Generation, f(x), Wonder Girls, miss A, IU
I listen to American music too, but don’t have any favorites at the moment.
♥ I love arts & craft and playing around with photoshop. ^_^
♥ Oh, and I have an identical twin sister! <33 Follow her food/recipes and yellow♥green tumblr!

My Main Tumblr: little-pig-rabbit
My Travel Blog: Traveling the World (I will be posting my own travel pictures!)


♥ Where do you get all the pictures you post?
I find them mostly on flickr and I reblog other amazing tumblrs. ^_^ I do not take credit for any of the pictures I post unless I say so.

♥ Are you really only following 2 people?
No! LOL, little-pig-rabbit is my main tumblr. food.for.jubilee is my sister’s food/recipes blog who occasionally posts nice purple pictures that she sees. I follow 150+ tumblrs on my main tumblr. ^_^

♥ Follow for a follow?
Sorry, I don’t do follow-for-a-follow... a) I don't want my dashboard to be flooded with 'everything' because I actually do look through my dashboard and b) I follow people who I can relate to and/or enjoy a lot. I don’t follow just for the sake of following because, personally, I would want to know that my followers are following my blogs because they can relate to me or enjoy my blogs enough to follow. ^_^

♥ What theme are you using? I love it!

♥ Are any of these pictures taken by you?
You can see pictures I’ve taken here: Personal tag, My Photography on Tumblr or Flickr page I’m still a noob in photography. xD But I’m hoping to get more into photography soon and take lots of nice pictures!

♥ Do you post all the submissions you receive?
Mostly. I do not post submissions that do not meet the requirements that are posted on my submissions page. I also do not post pictures that I’ve already posted before.

♥ I sent you a nice message a while ago, but you haven’t posted it. Why not?
I might have missed it when I print-screened my messages. Sorry! I still have all the messages though, I never delete. xD Makes me smile when I read them over and over again.

♥ Do you promote?
Sure! Submit something of your own creation and I will post it. :)

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