Colorful, Inspirational Blogs
Verbal Spewage for When Things Fall Apart - Beautiful, colorful, and inspirational blog!
Coloring the Earth - Beautiful flower pictures!
Colors of Our World - Beautiful colors!
The Mind of the Tortured Artist - Colorful, inspiring fashion-oriented blog
love is a poor man's food - Colorful, inspiring blog :)

Everything Purple - Everything Purple Blog
Pretty in Purple - Everything Purple Blog
Fuck Yeah Color Purple - Fashion-oriented Purple Blog
Purple Nostalgia - Everything Purple Blog
fuckyeahpurplethings - Everything Purple Blog
3 Awesome Colours - Purple, Pink, and Blue awesomeness!

Yellow♥Green - My Sister’s Yellow & Green Blog :)
They Call Me Mellow Yellow - Everything Yellow Blog
♥Yellow♥ - Everything Yellow Blog

Geek In The Pink - Everything Pink Blog

Other Great Blogs
Food For Jubilee - My Sister’s Recipes & Food Blog
Traveling the World, One Picture at a Time... - My Travel Blog ♥
Lantern Town - Calm nights & cool lights
arghlblargh! - Very cool, Japanese/Doodling/Medical oriented blog ^__^
Food & Etcetera - Beautiful Food Pictures Blog
LIVIN' TO INSPIRE - Inspirational :)

-----> Let me know if there's a blog I should add to this list. :)

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